Name: Ich

If you sent me a message, I'll check your blog out but I might not reply, still thank you.

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"Crescent Moon"
Artist: Annette Janelle Provenzo
"Night Sky with Stars Ocean"
Artist: Cathy Frisiello
"Little Sunflower"
Artist: Genevieve Esson
Artist: Debra

This is my favourite painting of Medusa, she was portrayed as more humane than the creature she was mistakenly understood. Kudos to the Artist.
 "The Blue Horses"
Artist: Gregory Pastoll at
"Magical forest with waterfall"
"Under The Moonlight"
Artist: Isaura

brightvine asked: What's your view on life

In life, anything can happen. You make plan, play your card right, work hard and then you wait. Waiting for the outcome, waiting for someone to notice you or appreciate you or waiting for dead to come, it doesn’t really matter, does it ? But making plan can fucked you up sometimes. Times can fuck you up. You spending most of your life building for that one thing and in the end it’s all for nothing. But don’t worry to much for what’s coming, live today.There will be promising things. The happy things in life they say. There will be times that you get what you want, you deserve it friend and congrats on that. Your life will either be glorious or disastrous or sometimes both. I say just do your best, pray and make the most out of it.

"Peacock II"
Artist: Karen Walker